Bamboo Flooring Problems

Bamboo Flooring Problems

Bamboo: Grass, Not Wood.

Bamboo Flooring And Its Environmental Impact Bamboo is a fairly new type of flooring for the American market. Its popularity has grown very fast.

Bamboo has risen dramatically in popularity for wood flooring for both aesthetic and environmental reasons. Bamboo flooring is commonly sold as a "green" floor product. Flooring is an investment.

Most of these problems, however, can be avoided with proper selection, installation Bamboo Flooring Problems and care. With bamboo flooring, excess moisture results in the largest percentage of complaints. However, it also has Bamboo Flooring Problems some inherent vulnerabilities which can cause problems under certain conditions. More and more homeowners are considering bamboo flooring for their homes because of their rapid renewability, toughness, and affordability.


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Bamboo Flooring Problems Details

Improper maintenance is but one of the moisture related problems.

Chosen carefully, a properly and professionally laid timber or bamboo floor should enhance both the presentation of your home and its value. It can be regrown very quickly, provides a range of colors and looks, and grows in almost any climate. Bamboo is an exotic and beautiful natural flooring choice with numerous attractive qualities that it can lend to a variety of environments. There have been many problems that have come up with bamboo flooring, since this product is still very new to the flooring industry don't be surprised if you see more problems as the product ages.

While bamboo is considered a smart, eco-friendly flooring choice, bamboo flooring has problems that can be challenging.

When it comes to shrinkage there's a lot of misinformation (and confusion) on the internet, and a wide range of experiences had by different homeowners across the globe.